About us

Welcome to the section dedicated to our documentary series that will show you everything about sea fishing in various parts of the World. The new fishing films are produced by Zachytame.cz fishing magazine and Hektor Project. Soon, these two subjects together are going to bring you the first episode of their new show called Fishing in the World’s Seas. Look forward to a brilliant fishing movie taking place in Oman. You will learn some handy information, see wonderful sceneries and most importantly trophy fish.

Our team

Zdenek „Fishmachine“ Rerucha

Zdenek is the founder and editor of a fishing magazine called Zachytame.cz. He also runs a fishing camp in Norway named HasvagCamp. You can barely meet a fishing mad man like him always knowing what to do. If it is about fish he doesn’t care about anything else. He is something like a walking encyclopedia of fishing. He loves to share his ideas on camera. He will explain to you how baits work, which baits should be used under different conditions, how different fish react and much more.

Tomas „Hektor“ Poul

Tomas is an exemplary case of a fishing enthusiast who would travel around the world just because of fish. Every time we are somewhere he wants to catch as many fish species as possible so he can extend his list of fish species conquered. It is no surprise that every new journey begins at Tom’s place. He is a brilliant manager and the right person who can encourage and motivate you even to travel to the very end of the world. Besides all he is the founder of Hektor Project and he makes music in his free time. All our fishing films therefore come with our original soundtrack that is somehow connected to the country we are visiting, fish and the project itself.

Vladan „Director“ Latzka

Rejza (Director) that’s how everybody calls this sympathetic guy behind the camera. He is our team mate who accompanies us with all the necessary filming equipment at our fishing expeditions. He runs his own studio named GraFilmS. Although he mainly shoots videos for music bands fishing is his true love. That’s why all the equipment necessary for shooting quality fishing videos is available to us.

What are our plans?

Making plans is important especially when it comes to sea fishing in destinations where the accommodation capacities are fully booked even one year ahead. You can be sure that our first series will have at least five episodes. We are going to visit destinations like Norway, Cape Verde, Andaman Islands, Madagascar and Papua New Guinea. We are currently communicating with fishing camps and guides from all of these destinations so you can look forward to a fishing series you have never seen before.