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We are glad that we have caught your attention so much that you have clicked through to this section. As you certainly know we have already shot dozens of fishing videos and short movies that are being watched regularly by hundreds of thousands fishermen every year. Now we have decided for something more original and unique. We want to show to all of the anglers that they do not need to be afraid of travelling for fish to different parts of the world. We want to show how fishing works in such countries, what kinds of fish one can expect, which baits are the most effective and what do you need to arrange for travelling.

So far, the most of our expeditions has been financed by ourselves. However, now we are getting to a point when we are working on far more demanding projects that require more resources and dozens of working hours. Every time a new fishing episode from our production is released thousands of fishermen are watching it instantly. This is a true satisfaction for us but also a great opportunity for you sponsors to become visible.

We offer you a unique opportunity to be a part of something that has no other equivalent in Czecho-Slovak region and even in the whole Europe, the fishing films that meet the world parameters. Come meet us and have a good coffee or contact us by email. We are ready to offer you advertising in the most watched fishing films in our country. In the films authored by Hektor Project and one of the most visited and in Czech social media most followed fishing magazines

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